Monday, August 24, 2009

Alondra Hot Wings- Alhambra

Alondra Hot Wings- Alhambra
515 W. Main St.

I read that Alondra Hot Wings opened their fourth location in Alhambra. So having good experiences at the Alondra Hot Wings in Montebello and the Alondra Hot Wings in Long Beach, I decided to go try their Alhambra location.

The first thing I noticed about the Alhambra location is that it is much bigger than the Montebello and Long Beach locations. But same menu and prices as the other two location.

I got the Brooklyn burger, $9.50, and the 12 piece hot wings, $7.95.

The Brooklyn burger is piled high with marinated ground beef at its base. Lettuce, tomato, fresh onions, onion chips, bacon, cheddar and provolone's with a savory drizzle of BBQ. Dressed with mayo and 1000 island. Served with fries.

This was a wonderful burger. The beef was cooked about medium well and was nice and juicy. The toppings were all fresh but I took over the red onions, it was overkill considering you already have onion chips on there. The bacon was nice and crispy. The bun light toasted, nice texture and fresh. All the flavors work well together. I would order this again.

The fries, well that was another story. Cold, soggy and not good at all. It was like they were sitting under heat lamps for about two hours. But I didn't eat too many fries, cutting out the carbs you know, but still they could get the fries down right.

The wings are always good. Nice crispy skins with a fair amount of meat inside. The one thing I have noticed about their wings sauce is that there is a lot of vinegar in it. Not that it is bad but it does over power the wings. Also why such a small cup of ranch dressing? I mean come, there are 12 wings and you expect that small of a cup of dressing to be enough?

Service was good until I got the bill. The serve was attentive and always made sure I had everything I needed. He even noticed he forgot to leave me a straw. But when he came back to get my credit card to pay, he didn't even say thank you or anything. When he came back with the receipt for me to sign, again no thank you. I don't know if those two words aren't in his vocab but man, even some of the worst servers I've had, have said thank you when picking up the check. Not sure what his problem was. The place was full but not packed, with tons of people waiting for a table. I never had this problem at any other Alondra Hot Wings so I'm willing to chalk it up to a bad day. Now some people may not think saying Thank you is a big deal. But it is. Think about it, you are tipping for good service. Every server should say Thank you, after receiving payment.

Going to Alondra Hot Wings you are assured of good food at good prices and usually good service. While this location was the worst service I've had, I would still go back to this location, if I was in the area.