Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinah's Family Restaurant

Dinah's Family Restaurant
6521 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles

An old school diner that has been in LA for 50 years, why wouldn't I go to Dinah's Family Restaurant? Since they server fried chicken I thought this was the original location of the Dinah's Fried Chicken near Glendale, that I reviewed a few years ago. But I get conflicting answers, some people have told me they are owned by the same people and others have told me they just share a name.

I went to Dinah's Family Restaurant because every Monday and Thursday, they offer an all you can eat fried chicken dinner for $10.95. The dinner includes two sides, I got corn and fries and gravy. They allow you to choose white or dark meat, I got white meat and two wings and one breast piece came out quickly. The skin wasn't crispy or crunchy but had nice pepper seasoning. The breast piece was a bit dry, like they were sitting in the warmer too long. The meat was a bit dry and while it was a good sized piece, I would have prefered it to be more moist. I got two more orders and I could tell those pieces had been fried recently and not sitting in a warmer. But they were dry too.

The wings were a bit better. The drummette piece had a huge piece of breast meat, which was good. The wing part was nice and meaty and moist. If the breast piece was as moist as the wings, this would have been a good meal.

The fries were standard fries but the corn was nice and firm in a buttery sauce. The gravy though was out of this world. A chicken gravy that had pieces of chicken mixed in, great flavor and helped add some moisture to the dry chicken.

Service was very good. The server was attentive and always asked if I wanted more chicken.

I wasn't happy with my last visit to the Dinah's near Glendale as the chicken here wasn't as salty and the service here was much better.

I love old school diner-like places. I would go back to Dinah's Family Restaurant, but I wouldn't go for the fried chicken. They have other all you can eat specials, I would like to try their stroganoff and spaghetti nights.