Tuesday, August 18, 2009


115 Imperial Hwy

After having dinner at Mad Wolf Mongolian BBQ a few years back, I passed by this Molcasalsa and always meant to stop in. But until last night's, late night hunger got to me, I still hadn't tried it. I naturally assumed this Molcasalsa was part of a chain like the Molcasalsa in La Habra. But the person working there told me they have nothing to do with the Molcasalsa in La Habra. Oh well who cares anyways, let's talk about the food here.

I ordered the flying saucer tostada, $3.60 and Carne Asada taco, $2.50.

The flying saucer tostada is basically a huge tostada willed with beans and every vegetable known to man. I mean there was lettuce, tons of onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and cheese. It should have shredded beef too. But there was no meat and because there is no meat, I think the $3.60 price is too high. Well at least I didn't see or taste any meat. Maybe they forgot it? The tostada shell was light and crispy but it needs to be eaten right away, it doesn't hold up well and gets real soggy.

The carne asada taco was very good, though they could cut down on the gucamole. The carne asada was tender and very well seasoned. A soft corn tortilla wrapped around a very generous portion of carne asada. The gucamole was mild, didn't have an overpowering flavor, that I find in most gucamole. I would order this again.

They are opened 24 hours and I used the drive through since the dining area was closed. The service was nice, friendly and quick.

Dispite the flying saucer tostada, I would go back to Molcasalsa, I just wouldn't order the flying saucer tostada.