Wednesday, August 12, 2009


933 S Brand Blvd

What is The New Diner doing at a pretentious place like Palate? Not enjoying an evening of dining that's what. Not far from Granville Cafe Palate is a wine bar that serves small plate items and full dinner.

Every Tuesday they off a wine and cheese pairing. I looked at their menu, which changes every week, and at the other people and I wasn't impressed with what I was seeing. High prices and small portion sizes. So I looked at their small plate menu and found something they call mason jars. So I ordered the potted sea trout, potted smoked prawns, and potted berkshire pork, $6 each. All the mason jars are served on

Now I'll be honest I was impressed by the portion size for these mason jars. I was very impressed with the potted smoke prawns, though I'm pretty sure they were just shrimp. They did have a nice smoke flavor that was enchance by some dill and other seasonings. There were good sized pieces of shrimp.

The potted sea trout was also very good. The sea trout was plentiful and mixed with some mayo and parsley and green onions.

The potted berkshire pork was terrible. Just way too salty for my tastes. I only took a few bites.

Service was below average. Granted I was with a large group and the place was pretty busy, but there were times we didn't see our server for long periods of time. And just in case you're wondering, only one person in my group is pretentious and she is pretentious with a capitol P!!!

I would not go back to Palate to eat. They do have a good wine selection so if I was in the area, I would pick up a bottle of wine.