Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joe Jost's

Joe Jost's
2803 E Anaheim St
Long Beach

Joe Jost's is one of the oldest bars in Long Beach. Known for it's ice cold beers served in schooners, roasted peanuts, pickled eggs, and sandwiches.

I got the Joe's special, $2.95, which is a polish sausage sandwich with pickle, cheese, and mustard on rye bread. The sandwiches are premade, so don't expect a hot polish sandwich, as you can see the cheese wasn't melted. The sausage is decent, with a decent flavor. The rye bread is surprisingly fresh and good, I know a lot of delis that should use this rye bread. But overall this sandwich isn't as good as a Wienerschnitzel polish sandwich. I don't touch those pickled eggs.

But they do have a great root beer on tap, Surf City Root Beer!!! I knew it was going to be good when a great smell hit my nose, when I lifted up my mug. Ice cold, great taste, refreshing root beer. Next time I go, I'm brining ice cream to make a root beer float!!

Service is good. The bartenders are nice laid back people. Look, this is a dive bar that serves ice cold beers, though they don't have PBR anymore just some crap Busch beer. So I'm not expecting great food. But a nice place to hang out.