Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dinah Fried Chicken

Dinah Fried Chicken
4106 San Fernando

Update January 8, 2006.

Well I went back to Dinah's and I was a little disappointed. I ordered the three piece (breast and two wings) dinner for $6.98 with mac and cheese and well done fries. The chicken was very salty and the portions were small. Also the chicken was either sitting under a heat lamp for a long time or the oil they used to fry the chicken was dirty because the skin was much darker than I remember. I liked the mac and cheese which was nice and creamy. The fries were well done but weren't all that hot or even warm.

The cashier was rude when I went to pay. No, How was the meal or anything pleasant. Her attitude was just give me the money and get out. I won't go back to Dinah's any time soon. Pollo Campero is the better option in Glendale.

June 2005 Review.

Even though I lived in Glendale for a few years, I never went to Dinahs' Friend Chicken. But last week, I finally had my first taste of Dinah's. And let me tell you, I will go back to Dinah's very soon.

I ordered the 3 piece Box O Chicken, all white meat for $5.27. Two sides were mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy. I got two good sided breast pieces and a wing. The breast pieces were very moist and tender. The skin, which I usually don't eat, had a nice crunch with a nice bit of spice in there.

The mac and cheese was very creamy and the macaroni had the perfect firmness. I hate soggy, overcooked macaroni. The mashed potatoes and gravy were just OK. The gravy was very bland. The potatoes seemed made out of a box.But the chicken is one of the best chicken I've had.I ordered the chicken to go but had to get a piece while driving. The chicken, mac and cheese, and the potatoes, held up very well after a 45 minute drive.