Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ribs on the Run-Closed

Ribs on the Run
24881 Alicia Parkway #C
Laguna Hills

Ribs On the Run is just south of the 5 freeway in Laguna Hills. They like to brag that the Yankees, Angels and other major league baseball teams order ribs from them. Well I think the teams could find another place to order ribs from.

I order the 1/3 rack of St. Louis ribs with double mac and cheese for $9.69. Once I saw the guy place the ribs on a grill and start "finishing" them I didn't hold up much hope that this was going to be a good place. I was right. The ribs lacked any kind of smoke flavor. No question the ribs were cooked in an oven and finished on the grill. I don't know what it is but the past few times I've had St. Louis ribs they have been on the small side. The BBQ sauce was just a spicy ketchup mixture that didn't add anything to the ribs. The mac and cheese was mostly hot mac and about 1/4 teaspoon of cheese. The idea of mac and cheese is equal parts mac and cheese. Not 98% mac and 2% cheese.

I noticed they had Nathans hot dogs there so I decide to order a Chicago style hot dog. Big mistake. The hot dog didn't come with mustard, an important part of a Chicago dog. The hot dog itself didn't taste like any Nathan's hot dog I've ever had. The onions were fresh but they were cut in bigger portions than normal. The relish seemed like any relish on the supermarket shelf.

I will not return to Ribs on the Run.