Friday, January 06, 2006

Art's Chili Dogs

Art’s Chili Dogs
1410 W. Florence Ave.

Somebody on the Chowhounds LA Message board mentioned Art's Chili Dogs. So I decided to try it for myself. Wow what a surprise. A very good hot dog at a low price.

The second picture is the Art's Chili Dog with mustard, onions, and chili which is $1.80. The hot dog itself isn't anything to write home about. The standard hot dog with no natural casing thus no snap. But the chili is wonderful. It has a bold flavor but not spicy.

The last picture is the Jumbo turkey chili cheese dog for $2.89. I thought the jumbo dog was all beef, but it was turkey. I'm not a big fan of turkey dogs. But this turkey dog was ok. A nice mixture of spices. The chili was great and the real cheddar cheese on top made this an outstanding hot dog. I will go back to try the all beef jumbo dog.

Art's has a nice selection of sodas by Boylan for $1.25.

Art's is located on the southwest corner of Florence and Normandie. Yes that's the corner where the riots started in 1992 after the police officers were found not guilty, even though they beat the hell out of Rodney King. No, there weren't any problems when I ate there. The owner is a very nice person. He treats everybody with respect. The people eating at Art's are just hungry people who know a good place when they see one. There is nothing to worry about eating at Art's.

If you're heading east on Florence, just past Art's is a very small road, if you drive a SUV, your car may not fit, which leads to about four parking spaces. There is a gas station next to Art's where you maybe able to park and get your order to go.

I had a very nice experience at Art's and I would gladly go back. Only one problem, they have limited hours. They close at 5:30pm and are closed on Sundays.