Monday, January 09, 2006

John’s Philly Grille-Closed

John’s Philly Grille
1784 Euclid Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

John's Philly Grill is better than Philly's Best for cheesesteaks. The cheesesteaks are more expensive, the cheesesteak pictured is $7.53 , but bigger and with more meat than Philly's Best. The meat is cut thicker and there is much more of it. John's doesn't add as much cheese but I think overall, John's is better than Philly's Best.

Now this Anaheim location the owner is rude and gives the impression you're bothering him when you're ordering. Or at least he was the day I was there.

There are three other John's Philly Grill in Orange County. Two in the Huntington Beach area. Anaheim is closer to me but I would go to the other locations to see if there is any difference in quality. I'm sure service would be better, it can't really get much worse.