Friday, August 28, 2009

Green's BBQ & Soul Food-Closed

Green's BBQ & Soul Food
468 W Arrow Hwy

Green's BBQ & Soul Food is a small restaurant in a strip mall. This strip mall has a Chinese, Mexican, and seafood restaurant nearby. So lots of choices. Green's reminds me of Big Mamas Rib Shack

I got the spare ribs, tri tip, and links combo, $16.24 which includes double mac and cheese, a salad, and corn bread. The price would have been $15.24 but they add a $1 fee to any debit or credit card transaction.

None of the meats were smoked. They were all cooked in an oven or on a grill and then drowned in a sweet bbq sauce.

The ribs were good for what they are. Tender, fairly meaty and the BBQ sauce assured it wasn't going to be dry.

The tri tip was a bit tough, it shouldn't be this tough, and but was flavorful with the sauce.

I liked the link. A sweet sausage with a nice snap. The BBQ sauce was a bit too much since the link was sweet not hot. But overall a good link.

The mac and cheese was terrible, just terrible. They didn't make a rue to combine the mac and cheese but topped the macaroni with cheese. The macaroni was also very watery and flavorless. The top part of the macaroni, was hard, there was a crunch when I took a bite.

The corn bread was very good. Right out of the oven, hot, fresh, warm, moist. Very good.

Service is friendly but lacking. I had planned to go to Green's but when I saw the seafood place, I decided to go there. But I looked at the menu for Green's in the window and as I was walking to the seafood place, the young lady came out with a menu and said, come back soon because we have good BBQ. I went to the seafood place but they were out of cod, so I went back to Green's.

Like I said the young lady was nice. But she kept asking the same questions twice and messed up my order. I said I wanted ranch for my salad but she asked again. I said no butter for the cornbread but she asked again. I asked for sauce on the side but I got sauce on the meat. Again she was friendly but she should write things down instead of having to asking the same question over and over.

I would not go back to Green's BBQ & Soul Food. I didn't notice many soul food items. No smothered pork chops, no chicken and dumplings. And any soul food restaurant that makes a bad mac and cheese, isn't much of a soul food place.