Monday, September 06, 2010

J & J's BBQ & FISH

J & J's BBQ & FISH
751 N Indian Hill Blvd

I read yesterday, that J & J's BBQ & FISH had been opened for a little over a year, I was very surprised. What took me so long to know about a BBQ restaurant! At first I thought it was the JJ's Fish and BBQ in Ontario, reopening. But they are different names, J & J's compared JJ's.

The owners of J & J's are related to the owners of Bodacious BBQ and Walker's BBQ. J & J's is located in the same center as Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken, which sadly is now closed and has been replaced by a taco stand. J & J's is a good sized restaurant with about 8-10 tables and they are related to Walker's BBQ.

I wasn't that hungry and decided to get the spare ribs lunch, $7.99, with double hush puppies. They have a large selection of sides on the menu, but some sides are not available all the time. I got about five St. Louis style spare ribs in my order and the guy, who I believe is the owner, gave me a rib to try, while I was waiting.

The ribs were a bit small and had very little meat on them. Yes, I know St. Louis style ribs, mean the tips are cut off, but there should be more meat on these ribs. The ribs were also a bit dry. They had been sitting in a warmer for too long. A pit master told me, when you have a BBQ restaurant, you are going to get ribs that need to be thrown away because they dry out and/or have been sitting in warmers for too long. The ribs had a nice smoke flavor, they use hickory and oak, but I just couldn't get over the dryness of the ribs.

Service is good. But when I first arrived, the guy just went about straightening up. He didn't acknowledge me or anything. But once I was ready to order, he was nice.

I'm not sure if I would go back to J & J's.