Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bodacious Q-Closed

Bodacious Q
637 E University Dr

Bodacious Q has been on my BBQ radar for about five years. But just as I made plans to go to Bodacious, a fire destroyed their restaurant. Of course with the red tape and everything it took about two years to rebuild.

So finally I made it to Bodacious and ordered the lunch special, which is served all day, two ribs, hot link, mac salad, and a small drink, $6.50. A STEAL. The ribs were a bit dry for my taste, a bit overcooked and there wasn't much smoke flavor.

The hot link was great. It wasn't too spicy but had a nice texture and smoke flavor.

The mac salad was creamy but I got the feeling this is from a package.

The owner came to our table and talked about BBQ and he was kind enough to give us a sample of his chopped pork and smoked turkey. WOW. The chopped pork was awesome. Maybe the best I've had. Very tender, well smoked, and just wonderful. The turkey had a very nice smokey flavor to it. He uses oak to smoke his meats.

Service is great. Nice and friendly people.

I would come back to Bodacious for the hot link, chopped pork and brisket. But I would not come back for the ribs.