Sunday, May 03, 2009

R & R Soul Food

R & R Soul Food
18427 Avalon Blvd

This used to be M & M Soul Food, but the from what I heard the cooks bought out this location. So M & M had to hire and train the cooks for their new location.

I ordered the smothered chicken with double mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes, $11.99. This is what smothered chicken is suppose to be. A rich, savory gravy on the outside and juice, tender chicken on the inside. This was so fresh, that the skin was still crispy!!! A great example of smothered chicken.

With each entree you get three sides. The sides along could make a meal. The mac and cheese was wonderful!!! Tender macaroni, the right amount of cheese, all blended well together!!! The mashed potatoes were creamy, smooth and damn good and the gravy was the same as the gravy for the chicken.

Service was very good. They were very accomodating for our group of about 17 people. They even asked other people, who were just seated to move.

R & R kicks M & M's ass!!! I will go back, very soon. The gumbo, looked awesome!!!

August 18, 2009

I went back to R & R and had their meatloaf, $12.99, with corn, mac and cheese, and their cornbread dressing.

The meatloaf was huge, just huge. Made with ground beef and topped with a very rich and savory gravy, this meatloaf is just like home. The meatloaf was moist, well cooked and seasoned perfectly. The gravy was a brown gravy with a ton of flavor.

The corn and the mac and cheese were great as usual. The cornbread stuffing is out of the world. So much flavor, the cornbread was topped with the same gravy as on the meatloaf.

This is one of the best places for soul food around. Only a moron would think otherwise.