Sunday, May 03, 2009


25 W Valley Blvd

Boathouse is a Cajun boiled seafood restaurant, in a Chinese area. They serve shrimp, lobster, crab, king crab, and crawfish boiled in your choice of seasoning.

I got an order of onion rings, $4.99 and their daily special, 1 1/2 pounds of lobster, in lemon pepper seasoning for $14.99. Regular lobster is $13.00 a pound. So the lobster was a good deal. The lobster was served in a bag with a very spicy lemon pepper seasoning, already cut up and ready for me to eat. The lobster was tender and flavorful. Very good. But the seasoning was very spicy, I asked for medium and if that is medium, I can't imagine what spicy is like. The interesting thing was the lack of another claw!!! Lobsters have two claws and I only got one.

The onion rings were fresh out of the fryer. They had a nice batter and a great crunch!!! A very good order of onion rings!!!

Service was very good and helpful.

Boathouse is an example place for boiled seafood. The big name restaurant is Boiled Crab, a few blocks west on Valley. But the wait is terrible at Boiling Crab. I have not been to Boiling Crab but there is no waiting at Boathouse and I can't imagine Boiling Crab being any better than Boathouse.

I will be back to Boathouse for their King Crab, which was priced at $19.99 a pound. Shrimp is $7.99 a pound and Dungness crab is $13.99 a pound.