Saturday, May 09, 2009

Que N for Kids

Que N for Kids is BBQ competition and fundraiser. Admission is $10. Food tickets are 5 for $10, each ticket gets you 3oz samples of BBQ, for ribs, you get one rib. You can pick your favorite BBQ by turning in the People's Choice ticket to your favorite BBQ team. I will write the review of each team below their picture.

The money raised from this competition, goes to Kristie's Kids, a non profit organization that provides assistance, support and cherished moments to critically ill children and their families. You really have to be an asshole, not to support this cause.

I bought $20 worth of tickets and a very nice lady gave me an extra ticket because she couldn't eat anymore BBQ!!! This is a great way to try some great BBQ. For other meats like pulled pork and brisket you get a 3oz sample but nobody is really weighing the damn meat and I saw some people get a huge amount of meat. But if you figure 5, 3oz servings at $10, it is a great deal. And you get all meat!!! Ok it is $20 if you include your admission but it is going to a good cause.

I will review each BBQ team's ribs and ribs only. The general feeling is that in California, the judges like sweet ribs. So I kept that in mind when I did my reviews, since I am not a sweet ribs fan. The ribs need to have some spice to it.
Also you'll notice that for REAL BBQ, there is very little if any sauce. Real BBQ ribs, if done correctly do NOT need sauce. Sauce covers up the lack of smoke flavor.

Rib Tickler: Not that impressed with these ribs. The ribs were a bit dry and lack much of a smoke flavor. There wasn't much fat in the ribs but otherwise I wouldn't buy ribs from Rib Tickler.

Here's the Rub: Not that impressed with these ribs either. Their "secret" is using a root beer rub. It was sweet, too sweet for my tastes. A bit dry and lacked much smoke flavor. Not impressed.

Notley Que. A very good rib. Well smoked, not lacking in smoke flavor or overpowered by smoke. Good rub, very tender, no fat, just a great example of a rib.

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ: These ribs were competition ribs. Competition ribs are ribs that are turned into the judges. BBQ teams use better quality spices and rubs for their competition ribs. So I am using a higher standard when reviewing these ribs.

These ribs were great. No fat, very well smoked, a nice rub with a bit of a kick, and just wonderful example of ribs. Not surprisingly these ribs finished #1 among the judges.

All Hogs Go to Heaven: I was a bit surprised at these ribs. They looked pretty good and I was expecting them to be good. But sadly these were very average. A slight hint of smoke flavor, a bit dry and tough, some fat and lacking a bark.

7 Kinds of Smoke: A very, very good rib. Well smoked with hickory and pecan, a nice combination, if you do it right and 7 Kinds of Smoke does it right. They will soon open a BBQ restaurant in Commerce. Look for a review when they open.

Smokin Yankeees: These ribs must have been finished on a grill, because they were hot to the touch. Real BBQ ribs are not hot to the touch. They were dry and a bit flavorless. Not impressed.

BLQUE: Another dry rib. They were tough, not tender and pretty fatty. A slight smoke flavor, I think hickory but otherwise not an impressive rib.

Papa Smokehouse BBQ- They have a huge display and spend a lot of money on their stand. They need to work on their ribs. Very fatty, a bit tough, and lacking smoke flavor. I wasn't impressed at all.

Road Whore's BBQ- Interesting name for a BBQ team. The ribs here had a decent smoke flavor, a bit fatty, and dry. I wasn't too impressed with these ribs.

The above photo is courtesy of Soul Fusion Kitchen!!!!

All Sauced Up BBQ: I forgot to take a picture of his stand. But with the help of Soul Fusion Kitchen there is a picture of All Sauced Up BBQ's Stand.

These ribs were very dry but as you can see from the picture, I got the last few pieces of ribs. But the ribs had a good smoke flavor, I think they used a combination of hickory and apple woods. I would need to try a fresh batch of ribs to make a fair judgement. He should not combine the ribs in the same warming tray as the brisket.