Sunday, May 10, 2009


949 S Euclid St

Wadiya maybe the only Sri Lankan restaurant in the LA/OC area. They recently opened in and have gotten good reviews.

They have buffets Friday nights, String Hopper and Hopper Night-Hopper is much like a thicker, less sweet crepe. Saturday nights are Godhamba night and Sunday is mutton, chicken and fish nights.

I forgot my camera when I actually ate there but took pictures with my cell phone, so sorry for the poor quality of the last picture. I did go back to Wadiya later that day to take pictures but by that time, they were not serving a different kind of fish, that is why I had to use the last picture.

I went on Sunday and got the buffet, $10.99. The buffet had three entrees but I only ate two of them, one by mistake. They had chicken curry, which didn't look too appetizing and there were only legs and thighs, I'm a breast man. :)

Anyways, the first picture is the mutton curry. I hate lamb/mutton. I can't stand that gamey taste and texture. This mutton was in a mild curry sauce, which I liked not overpowering and well seasoned. If they put chicken or fish in this curry, it would be awesome.

The last picture is the King Fish Curry or what they told me was king fish. I have never heard of King Fish but what they said was King Fish was much like tuna. That same denseness and texture of tuna. What I didn't like was the curry, it was both sour and way too spicy for me. They must use a lot of tamarind which accounts for the sourness. But this was so spicy, I couldn't enjoy the fish. I did go back for seconds but I only took the fish.

The rice was very undercooked. I couldn't believe it.

Service is below average. The young lady who served us, was very nice but they need to work on their service. When we were seated, she said it would take 30 to 40 minutes to get food, if we ordered off the menu. She was pushing the menu, which is fine but come on, don't give a bad impression by pushing a buffet. Then they were out of many items on the menu.

The buffet wasn't replenished until asked for some more rotti, which is a nan like bread. I asked for water and never got it, so I asked again and again until finally I got a pitcher of water.

I will not go back to Wadiya during their buffet nights. I would like to order off the menu but they need to improve their service.