Friday, April 21, 2006

JJ's Fish and BBQ-Closed

JJ's Fish and BBQ
814 Mountain

The "909" doesn't have many good BBQ places. JJ's would be about the middle of the pack. JJ's isn't bad but it's not great either. There are two tables at JJ's but this is a take out. If you can't wait to eat the BBQ, take the food into Jack in the Box, which is in the same parking lot, buy a soda and dig in.

I ordered the rib lunch, with rice, for $7.75. I saw a smoker in the back and I was informed that mesquite is used to smoke the meat. Well there isn't the classic smoke ring and there wasn't any smoke flavor. The ribs are rubbed with lots and lots of paprika. But the ribs are on the tough and small size. Also I think he uses a microwave oven to reheat the ribs. I liked the tomato based sauce. Very good combination of spices, again lots of paprika.

JJ's is OK but I don't see the need to go back. Service is good.