Monday, December 29, 2008

Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken- Pomona-Closed

Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken- Pomona
669 Indian Hill Blvd

After all this time driving down to Los Alamitos for Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken, they finally open a location about 15 minutes from me. YES!!!!

I ordered the 2 piece lunch special, $4.79, breast and wing with lemon pepper seasoning, broasted potatoes, roll and mac salad. This is as good as their other location. The chicken is so moist and juicy and tender and since it's cooked to order, expect a 10 minute wait, fresh and hot. This batch didn't have as much lemon pepper seasoning but it was there. The pieces are fairly big. The potatoes are firm on the outside and soft inside. The mac salad was creamy but tasted like it's from a container. But who cares, you go for the chicken.

Service is good. The owner is very nice and helpful. There are a few tables inside, unlike the Los Al location which is mainly a take out.

I would go back to Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken anytime. I'm glad they opened a location closer to me. This is better than Donahoo's and Louisiana Fried Chicken in Pomona.

I found out that Pittsburgh opened from a blog titled Jerk in Pomona. Ok ok it was titled Student in Pomona and the jerk is a student at Cal Poly Pomona. Why is he a jerk? Because he's a punk kid who doesn't know how to honor Vietnam Veterans. Jerk punk kid. His post Where the Sidewalk Ends mentions, that Pomona should: "Instead of getting a traveling Vietnam war memorial in our town, why not stop wasting water and fix broken irrigation & broken irrigation?"

First of all stupid punk kid, the traveling Vietnam war memorial, is called the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, or The Traveling Wall. The Traveling Wall honors, American men and women who were killed in the Vietnam War. Secondly, there is little expense to a city for The Traveling Wall. They just have to provide a large space.

Just like the military banners are paid for by the parents of soldiers who are fighting overseas. Does the city subsidize the banners? Yes, but that is an expense that is well worth it.