Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters

Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters
3671 Katella Ave.,
Los Alamitos, CA
(562) 594-0140

While doing a search for Mustard's Hot Dogs, I found a review for Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters in Los Alamitos. I decided to try the Pittsburgh broasted chicken and see how it compared to the Chicken Box.

I was very surprised. Two other buddies came along and we ordered the 12 piece family pack with broasted potatoes and potatoe salad for about $18.00. The 12 piece included 3 breast, 3 wings, 3 thighs, and 3 legs. The surprising thing was we could select the seasoning. We selected the Original, Cajun, and Lemon Pepper. In the picture of the chicken going from left to right you see the orginal, Cajun and Lemon Pepper.

We each took a piece from the three seasonings. The chicken had a very nice crunch and was very moist and tender inside. After the first few bites, I knew this was better than Chicken Box. The Cajun seasoning lack any real spice. The original was very good but my favorite was the Lemon Pepper.

The broasted potatoes were pretty good. A nice texture outside, though not crunchy and thick slices of potatoes inside. The potatoe salad was decent. Nothing great.

I really enjoyed my trip to Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters. I will go back when I'm in the area.