Friday, February 12, 2010

Bayou Grille- Inglewood

Bayou Grille
1400 N La Brea Avenue

Who Dat?? Who Dat?? Who Dat??

As most readers of The New Diner know, I love the BALTIMORE COLTS. The New Diner is named after the movie, Diner, where Eddie wouldn't marry is beloved, because she couldn't pass a test about the BALTIMORE COLTS. At the end of the movie the BALTIMORE COLTS fight song was being played at the wedding. I guess Eddie gave his belove a make up test. I loved the movie but Eddie is a douchebag, he should be like me and NOT marry the woman he loved because she failed the BALTIMORE COLTS test!!!!!

I hate with a passion that damn NFL team in Indy. And no, stupid people, it is not the same team or franchise. That beautiful horseshoe and blue uniforms belong to BALTIMORE!!!! Johnny Unitas didn't play in the village known as Indy, he played in BALTIMORE. The NFL Champions of 1958, the BALTIMORE COLTS made the NFL the TV giant it is now, didn't happen in the village known as Indy. How does the NFL repay BALTIMORE? Allowing a jerk drunk owner to buy the team. Then doing nothing when the drunk jerk owner STOLE the BALTIMORE COLTS in the middle of the night, like a common thief. Then screwing BALTIMORE out of an expansion team in 1993.

I was soooooooo damn happy to see the New Orleans Saints beat that NFL team in Indy and win the Super Bowl. Even though I was happy as hell for myself, I was happier for the people of New Orleans. After all the suffering the people in New Orleans went through after Hurricane Katrina, it was great to see that city rebuild and have something to cheer about. Oh, I have never seen a bigger idiot than Michael Brown, FEMA director, who was so damn clueless in his handling of the situation.

As my way to thank the New Orleans Saints for beating that damn NFL team in Indy in the Super Bowl, I wanted to go to a Cajun/Creole restaurant. A quick search lead to Bayou Grille in Inglewood, it also helped that the owner is from New Orleans. This Bayou Grille isn't related to the Bayou Grille in Carson.

I got the tiger shrimp po boy, $7.29, with lettuce, tomato and mayo. The shrimp were huge and there were plenty of them, nice cornmeal batter shrimp in every bite!!! The french bread was nice and soft, with a chewing texture. This was amazing. One of the best po boy's ever.

I also got a small jambalaya, $3.99, with chicken, crawfish, and Louisiana turkey sausage. The jambalaya came in a to go container, so hot, there was steaming coming out. But I put it on a plate and it got cold pretty fast. But this had a ton of tender chicken, crawfish and sausage. It was a bit underseasoned, when I think Cajun, I think tons of seasoning and flavor. It was good, not great.

Service was good. The young man taking my order was nice and friendly.

Bayou Grille has the best shrimp po boy in LA. It is the best best Cajun restaurant I've been to in LA, much better than Gumbo Pot, Uncle Darrow, and the Bayou Grille in Carson. My favorite BBQ place, Phillips in Inglewood, is only about a mile away!!! Who DAT!!!!!!