Sunday, August 12, 2007

Uncle Darrow's

Uncle Darrow's
2560 S. Lincoln Blvd.
Marina del Rey

Cajun cooking. I haven't hadCanjun food much, I think the only time I've had Canjun food is at the Gumbo Pot. I've heard good things about Uncle Darrow's, so I figured why not try it.

I ordered the shrimp supper, $13.15. The supper comes with one side, I picked red beans and rice, salad, and garlic bread. The shrimp is butterflied and their fried in a light cornmeal coating. I liked the shrimp since it wasn't a thick cornmeal coating. Cornmeal can be very tough. But this was perfect. Light, yet still crunchy, and the shrimp was sweet.

The red beans and rice were perfect. The beans were cooked just right and had a lot of flavor.

The salad was fresh and tasty. They give you a thousand island dressing, along with a spicy ranch dressing, this is green in color. I passed on the spicy ranch dressing.

Since I've never been to New Orleans, I've never had beignets. They are kinda of like churros but with powdered sugar instead of cinammon. My first taste of beignets were good. They were cooked to order and came to us, pipping hot. I liked the texture of the beignets. They were tasty and not too sweet. They added the right amount of powered sugar.

Service is great. I called before and the guy who answered must have been in the Army, he said Yes sir, so much. He was very polite and helpful on the phone. You place your order at the counter and they bring it to your table. The guy taking our order, not sure if it was the same guy who answered the phone, was nice, polite, and friendly. There was a slight delay in getting the beignets, I had to remind him of our order. But he we got our beignets quickly.

I would go back to Uncle Darrow's but after looking at the menu, the entrees are not the way to go. It's better to order from their side orders section. Shrimp is $6.25, red beans and rice is $3.25. That's $9.50 and the salad and garlic bread aren't worth the extra $4.