Tuesday, August 07, 2007

National Sports Grill- Orange-Closed

National Sports Bar
450 North State College Blvd.

National Sports Grill has three location, Buena Park, Torrance, and Orange. The Orange location is within walking distance of Anaheim Stadium. So before an Angels game it can get very busy. I made the mistake of going right when CRYBABY Nation, I mean Red Sox nation, was lowering the standards of the neighborhood. Red Sox nation's logo should be a crying baby with white sheets and hood because they are the most racist and the biggest crybaby fans in all of sports. Those scumbag bastards cry over anything and everything. It was the Curse of the Bambino. It was Bucky Dent. It was Bill Buckner. No LOSERS. It was a sorry, team, filled with sorry players, owned by a bastard, racist, jerk owner. Oh get rid of that rat infest, dump of a stadium you play in. What a bunch of losers. Not even Cub fans cry that much. Maybe because Cubs fans are drunk most of the time?

Anyways I ordered the Fall Classic Cheeseburger, $7.75, which comes with shoestring fries. More on that later. Anyways the burger is good but nothing outstanding. Maybe a little better than the burger served at a greasy spoon. The burger was big about 1/4 pound and came with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and National Sauce, which is mayo and ketchup combined. The beef was cooked just above rare, I would prefer it to be medium or medium rare at least.

Service was good. Even though all the crybabies were around, the server was quick and attentive. But I have some issues with how they ask about fries. The server asked if I wanted seasoned, waffle, or steak fries. She didn't bother to say that all those are extra. I picked waffle fries and they were $1 extra, ok 99 cents extra. It wasn't really her fault but restaurants that do this type of thing are scumbags. The other thing that pisses me off is restaurants that do not tell you that soft drink refills are not free. It is their responsibility to tell you, especially when a server asks a child if they want free refills.

Nationals is a good place to hang out before and after an Angel game. The food is decent but nothing special. But then again it is a sports bar. If you expect gourmet meals at a sports bar, you will always be disappointed.