Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bayou Grille-Closed

Bayou Grille
675 E University Dr

I took the day off from work. I was hungry. I wasn't in the mood for a cold sandwich on a cold day. The hottie that I went to Lucille's BBQ, with were texting back and forth and we decided to go for lunch.

I picked Bayou Grille in Carson, which is in the same shopping center as Bodacious Q. Billed as an authentic New Orlines taste, their spelling, not mine. I got their late because of a damn sig alert on the 91 freeway.

I wanted to try a bunch of things. So I got the 10 piece hot wings special, $5.89, that came with cajun fries, 4 piece order of Pacific red snapper, $5.00, and 4 small shrimp, $2.00.

The wings were on the small size. Is their steroids testing for chicken? Why are chicken wings so small? They weren't that spicy, pretty crispy and tender.

The 4 pieces of Pacific red snapper were huge!! Nice and crunch with a cornmeal batter, this was more than worth the $5 price tag.

Service was very good. The young lady was nice and helpful and the food came out quickly.

I would go back to Bayou Grille again. They have tons