Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rain Forest Cafe- Costa Mesa-Closed

Rain Forest Cafe
3333 Bristol St Ste 1073
Costa Mesa

I always thought the Rain Forest Cafe was a neat concept, design a restaurant with a rain forest theme. I love seeing the smiles on kids faces when they see the Rain Forest Cafe. Those moments are priceless!!! I always wonder what the food was like at Rain Forest Cafe. About a year ago I went to the Rain Forest Cafe and got the appetizers sampler, which had chicken tenders, egg rolls, spinach dip, and cheese sticks. Nothing outstanding but then again nothing bad.

Today I was with the pretentious jerk people of South Orange County, at the South Coast Plaza. I had some time so I went back to the Rain Forest Cafe. I sat at the bar where they had some happy hour specials. I got the wings, $4.99, and the shrimp bites, $3.99.

The wings were kinda of small and weren't too crispy but they were so moist and tender inside. Different than most wings I've had. Worth the price but nothing outstanding.

The shrimp were great!!! Ok they were small but wow, what a great crunch. Whatever batter they use on these shrimp, it was great. The shrimp inside themselves were fine.

What wasn't fine was the service. Ok I went at an off time but still service was terrible. I barely saw the bartender at all. He never bothered to ask how the food was. He never asked if I needed a refill. He was barely behind the bar at all.

What really bothered me was that he just left my credit card out on the bar, where anybody could have taken it. Before I went to the restroom, I gave the bartender a credit card to pay the bill. When I came back my credit card was out in plain sight for anybody to take. There was a couple about two seats down and they could have taken it too. And don't give me this BS that it is pretentious OC, anybody can commit a crime.

I would not go back to Rain Forest Cafe, at least the Costa Mesa location. Terrible service can ruin anybody's experience at a restaurant.