Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sal's Pizza & Bagelry

Sal's Pizza & Bagelry
2095 Foothill Blvd
La Verne

I first found out about Sal's Pizza & Bagelry from a review by David Allen.  Though David didn't have the pizza, some people commented about the good pizza at Sal's. So I decided to see for myself.  One of the comments mentioned that Sal used to own Red Devil Pizza, and when he sold it, there was a clause in the contract that Sal could not open up another pizza restaurant within so many miles of Red Devil, for ten years.  Well, clearly those ten years have come and gone.  If anybody can confirm this story, please email me.

I got the medium pepperoni, $14. The first thing you notice about the pizza is the crispy crust. What was interesting was that inside the crust was soft and doughy. The sauce was mild, almost bland, and didn't really add much to the pizza. There was a lot of cheese and pepperoni which is always good. But there was nothing outstanding about this pizza.

Service was below average. The young girl taking the order was just there to earn money. Not friendly or helpful. You could tell she didn't want to be there. But what really got me was one of the pizza cooks brought the pizza to our table and only brought ONE plate. Not a big deal but damn take a look at who is getting the pizza and bring enough plates. What was a big deal was the fact that pizza cook didn't say one thing. Not; "You had the medium pepperoni?" Not "Enjoy" Nothing. I mean could it be that tough to be personable and friendly, you are running a restaurant!!

I would not go back to Sal's again. I much prefer Red Devil Pizza, which isn't anything great. I wouldn't even go back to try the bagels because of the bad service.