Friday, December 11, 2009

Dumpling House- Arcadia

Dumpling House
921 S Baldwin Ave

This is not the Dumpling House in Temple City, that I reviewed and really enjoyed, earlier. This Dumpling House is in Arcadia, near Din Tai Fung and they are not affiliated with the Dumpling House in Temple City, in anyway.

On a rainy Friday night, I decided to have dinner at Dumpling House. Parked in the back and then walked into the restaurant. Be careful the floor is slippery. They give you an order sheet, much like a sushi order sheet, where you mark how many orders of each item you want. They do serve Chinese dishes but I came here to try the dumplings!!!

I got the pancake with sliced beef and green onions, $5.95. This was amazing, a rolled light flakey pancake with flavorful sliced beef inside. I liked the pancake and loved the beef which was tender though I was surprised it was served cold. But still a wonderful dish and a steal at $5.95.

Xiao Long Bao dumplings (XLB) or in English, juicy pork dumpling, $5.95. This xiao long bao is so much better than Din Tai Fung. They are much bigger, more pork and a more flavorful juice. The pork is tender and has a nice texture, the juice is wonder and just bursts in your mouth.

Pan fried pork dumplings, $5.95. These were very interesting. One side was fried to a golden brown but the other side wasn't fried for as long. So one side was a nice crispy side and the other was a bit soft and chewy. The pork was the same as the xio long bao, so it was great.

Service is good. The were attentive, getting me extra napkins even before I asked.

Dumpling House in Arcadia is so much better than Din Tai Fung, I don't know why people would go to DTF!!! Not only are the portions bigger but the quality of food is so much better. The place for xiao long bao is Dumpling House in Arcadia, not Din Tai Fung.