Saturday, December 12, 2009

San Biagio's Pizza

San Biagio's Pizza
1263 W 7th St
Upland, CA

Army-Navy the best college football rivalry ever. Today Navy beat Army for the 7th time in a row. I always say the only time I ever root against Army is when they play Navy!! I have three memorable Army-Navy games.

1983 Army-Navy game at the Rose Bowl; the first time that the Army-Navy game was held west of the Mississippi River.

2001 Army-Navy game. Think about what was happening in America when this game was played. Three months after 9-11. War in Afghanistan is less than two months old. Our Commander in Chief is at the game. Along with some of the finest military leaders like Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf. Some of the finest officers ever produced at the Naval Academy and West Point are playing their last football game ever. In a few short months, they would become teammates on a much bigger and important stage, on the field of battle. If that doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you're a gutless, coward.

2005 Army-Navy game. This may not mean a lot to other people. But to me this game represented what is great about the young people of America. Every single class, freshmen through seniors, came into each academy knowing damn well what they were getting themselves into; going to war after graduation. I really respected the seniors because they were seniors in high school, when 9-11 happened. They could have gone to another school but they wanted to serve their country and were willing to put their lives in harm's way to protect this country.

Now what does this have to do with reviewing San Biagio's Pizza. Well, San Biagio's Pizza is a New York style pizza and West Point is in New York, not far from New York City. I'm surprised somebody like me, who loves New York style pizza, hadn't been to San Biagio's. So I decided to give San Biagio's a try.

One thing I've learned about NY style pizza places is don't order slices unless the pizza looks good under the heat lamps. I saw a whole pie that looked as it had been sitting around since they opened. I wasn't going to order slice from that pizza. I did see another pie that look as though it had been made within the hour. So instead I ordered a medium with pepperoni, $14.99, plus $1.50 for the topping.

The pizza was damn good. Not up to the standards of Village Pizzeria, but in the neighborhood, ok, maybe the suburbs. But still a damn good pizza.

The crust was thin but a bit thicker than other NY style pizza places. Still good but just a bit different. The cheese covered every inch of the pizza. The sauce added a mild flavor to the pizza. The pepperoni was spicy and very good. But I thought they could have put more pepperoni on the pizza.

Service is very good. I was greeted when I walked in and the guy was very helpful and nice.

I did enjoy watching Navy win while eating a San Biagio's pizza. I would go back here anytime. It is better than the two pizza places in the La Verne I reviewed; Red Devil Pizza and Sal's Pizza & Bagelry. Yes, Red Devil and Sal's are not NY style pizza but even their pizza doesn't stack up to San Biagio's.