Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nate n Al Deli

Nate n Al Deli
414 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills

LA has many delis. Some people think there are more delis in LA than in New York City. The New Diner has reviewed many deli's in LA including, Billy's, in Glendale, Brent's Deli, in Northridge, Langers, in downtown LA, Art's, in Studio City, and my personal favorite, Canter's.

I found another deli in Beverly Hills, Nate n Al. So I decided to give it a try and see how it compares to other delis on LA. When I arrived I saw a long wait and I didn't want to spend anymore time around the pretentious assholes of Beverly Hills, so I got an order to go. I got the #11 combination sandwich, corned beef and pastrami with swiss cheese, $15.50. The sandwich is suppose to come with Russian dressing and cole slaw but I asked for both on the side.

After I got the sandwich, I found a place to sit down and took the pictures you see. I tried a third of the sandwich and found the corned beef to be dry and pretty salty. The pastrami was pretty good, nice seasoning and flavor. Both meats were pretty lean. The rye bread was pretty good. A nice firm crust, dense bread. The swiss cheese had a nice nutty flavor, though they could have put one side at the top and bottom of the sandwich, instead of doubling up at the top.

The Russian dressing was awesome. A more mild, less tangy flavor, which is a plus in my book. Maybe the best Russian dressing I ever had.

Service was pretty good. I walked in and people were nice and friendly. When I found out how long the wait was, one of the servers told me where to go to place a take out order. The guy who took my order was nice until it came time to pay. He finished preparing my order and asked "Would that be cash or credit?" No mention of the total, nothing. I mean I know this is Beverly Hills and every pretentious jerk has tons of money, but even they want to know the total for an order.

Also the way he made the sandwich was bad. One third of the sandwich did not have the bottom part of bread. It was almost as though he threw everything in the container. Now people may say I had a to go order and maybe taking the sandwich out of the container to take a picture was the problem. No it wasn't. The container is a clear plastic container and when I looked at the bottom of the container, I saw no bread on the bottom on one of the thirds. I also only took the sandwich about two stores down from Nate n Al, right by a nice waterfall.

I thought parking would be tough but I found out you can park at the Crate and Barrel parking structure, for 2 hours free. Canters is still my favorite deli in LA. Nate n Al doesn't come close to Canters. There is no reason for me to go back to Nate n Al again.