Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Beach Club Sports Bar-Closed

The Beach Club
5755 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90803

After I saw my BALTIMORE RAVENS start their SUPER BOWL VICTORY TOUR, I went to Pepperdine to see their tribute to the heroes of 9-11. At great cost and effort, Pepperdine placed 3,000 flags on their campus. Most of the flags, as you can see, are American flags but there were flags of every nation who lost a citizen on September 11th. In the pictures, I tried not to include any flags of pussy countries like france and canada. I wish those pussy countries, canada and france, would have the courage their citizens, who died on 9-11, showed. This tribute is very moving. I believe the tribute will be there until Friday Sept. 18th. If you are driving on PCH in Malibu, you can't miss this moving tribute.

The Beach Club is a sports bar that replaced Pete's at the Beach. I went to The Beach Club to watch my BALTIMORE RAVENS start their Super Bowl Victory tour. Of course my BALTIMORE RAVENS beat the crap out of the KC Chiefs.

Since the game was early, I had breakfast at The Beach Club. I decided on a Beach Club omelete, $9, with bacon, sausage, ham, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. This omelete came to me, warm, not even hot. As if it was sitting under heat lamps for a long time. The omelete was ok, nothing great, about a Denny's level omelete. The inside of the omelete wasn't fully cooked, like eggs over easy, which I hate. There were a few pieces of bacon and sausage and plenty of veggies. But there was nothing outstanding about this omelete. I wouldn't order this again.

I sat at the bar and service was good. The female bartenders were both nice and friendly but sitting at the bar means they are bartenders, not servers. So they were busy making drinks, they don't always remember to go get food orders. I'm 100% sure that my omelete was sitting under heat lamps for at least 5 minutes. Beach Club needs to hire food servers/runners to bring out food.

Since the Traitors weren't playing until Monday night, this was a good crowd of people. Though the crowded lacked intelligence since many people go to that glorified JC, Cal State Long Beach. I swear I heard a Cal State Long Beach student say "I is a student at Cal State Long Beach." while watching the game today. Nice education they offer at Cal State Long Beach.

I would go back to Beach Club but I won't order breakfast and/or order from the bar. Somebody order some calamari as I was leaving and it smelled wonderful!!! The next time I go, I may order the calamari.

There are three other sports bars in Long Beach, Legend's and Smooth's, and Yankee Doodles, but I think Beach Club is the best because parking is free and plentiful, something the other three sports bars are NOT. Beach Club has all HD flat screen TV's and a clear view of the TVs. While the breakfast fare isn't that good at Beach Club, the burgers and other bar food looks great.