Friday, September 11, 2009

The Smokin Joint BBQ-Closed

The Smokin Joint BBQ
8486 W. 3rd St
Los Angeles

September 11, 2009. I can never forget what happened on September 11, 2001. Everything I did that day is still perfectly clear, today eight years later. The anger I felt that day is still there. I try and make it a point to be more friendly to others, but most times the anger I still feel comes out. That is wrong but can you blame me? I stood there in shock at the site of that black smoke rising against that blue sky. I saw neighbors going through a living hell. I saw heroes who died just doing what they do. I saw 40 heroes on a flight that fight back.

I saw heroes like Pablo Ortiz, who led many people to stairwells but never once taking the stairs himself.

I saw heroes like air traffic controllers, who landed every plane in North America airspace in three hours. Thus preventing any further attacks.

Today, I hate the stupid conspiracy assholes. Hey stupid, if a missile hit the Pentagon, where the hell did the passengers on Flight 77 go? They just disappear, dumb ass? I also hate the pussy countries like france and canada, who didn't support the US in the war in terror. Gutless bastards.

But I wasn't having a good day in part because two things were the same as eight years ago. The Seattle Mariners were playing the Angels in Anaheim on Septemeber 10 and there was going to be news for Micheal Wanna Bet Jordan; in 2001 The bettor was coming out of retirement and playing for Washington, in 2009 the bettor was going into the basketball Hall of Fame. Since I was having a bad day, I wasn't going to put up with bad service or bad food. Luckily I only experienced great service and great BBQ. A friend emailed me about The Smokin Joint BBQ and I wasn't making a huge effort to go because of they only served baby back ribs and they are near the pretentious West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. I mean an area filled with white people who think BBQ is oven cooked ribs drowned in BBQ sauce. But I decided to go for BBQ on September 11th.

I got the half order of baby back ribs, $17, with mac and cheese and cole slaw. I would later realized I made a mistake and should have ordered a full rack!! Ok a bit pricey when compared to other BBQ places but considering the area, the price is right. As readers of The New Diner know I hate baby back ribs and any ribs cooked in an oven or finished on a grill. When I got the ribs and I saw those grill marks, I wasn't expecting much at all. But as I lifted my first rib, a wonderful smoke smell hit my nose. Then my first bite was filled with a wonderful smoke flavor and tender meaty ribs!!! WOW, what a surprise, not what I was expecting. A very good example of BBQ ribs. There was a sweet bark on the ribs. There were tons of great tasty meat on the ribs and almost no fat. Since they are baby backs they were tender. But what a wonderful smoke flavor, I think hickory with apple and pecan woods. I didn't use any of the sauce because of the wonderful smoke flavor. In the area, this is the best BBQ place. Don't waste your money at a terrible BBQ, that started in Venice and opened about 2-3 miles from The Smokin Joint. Trust me, The Smokin Joint just kicks ass over that terrible place.

The mac and cheese was damn good; very creamy and had a bit of heat, I'm guessing he used a pepper jack cheese. I didn't care for the cole slaw, which wasn't drowned in mayo, which I like, but a bit sour for my taste. But I don't care about the sides when the ribs are so good.

Service was great too. A very nice lady, who is part owner, saw me taking pictures of the outside and welcomed me inside. I sat at the counter and was treated to friendly and attentive service. She told me The Smokin Joint had been open for about two weeks. She was really pushing how great the beef ribs were, so next time I go I may get the combination of baby backs and beef ribs. I was never lacking for anything.

Ok, for a BBQ purist, it is too fancy for me. I mean real silverware and plate? Of course I'm not going to mark down any place because it is too fancy but I know for the pretentious, asshole people of the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills, they need to have that.

But they serve great ribs and service is super. If I could stand being around the pretentious, asshole people that make up West Hollywood/Beverly Hills, I would come to The Smokin Joint BBQ much more often.

Update Nov 2, 2009

I went back to The Smokin Joint and ordered the BBQ ribs combo, $27, with double mac and cheese. Out came three huge pieces of beef ribs and half rack of baby back ribs.

The beef ribs were very meaty and tasty. They were good quality beef ribs, not must gristle or fat. But a bit on the dry side.

The baby backs were great as usual. Nice flavor, very meaty, and a nice texture.

Service again was very good.

If you're in the mood for BBQ, The Smokin Joint is the best BBQ place in the area.