Sunday, September 06, 2009

Beachwood BBQ

Beachwood BBQ
131 1/2 Main St
Seal Beach

Quite frankly almost all BBQ places in Orange County suck. They cater to the pretentious, jerk white people that litter OC. So I wasn't thrill nor did I make an effort to go to Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach, two to three years ago, when Beachwood BBQ first opened.

But I went tonight to have dinner with a good friend, who I haven't seen in a long time. Damn did she look hot!!!

As you might figure, this being white, Orange County, they do not have spare ribs, but the only baby backs. I got the half slab of baby backs, $16, with creamed corn and corn on the cob. After a few minutes I got a rack of ribs with some noticable fat, you can see the fat in the second picture above, not a good way to present ribs. And of course the thing you always look for a BBQ place is the smoke ring. As the third picture clearly shows, there wasn't any smoke ring.

But I cut the fat off and dug into the ribs. Beachwood "smokes" their meats with oak, apple and pecan. But the ribs were hot to the touch but they lacked any grill marks. So I'm guessing they are "smoked" in an oven. So they did have a nice smoke flavor. The ribs weren't that meaty but the meat was tender. Duh it is baby backs.

The creamed corn was bad. Instead of being sweet, it had more of a country gravy flavor. Not good. The corn on the corn was OK, not that sweet but cooked right.

Service was good. We got to sit in the table by the front window. So we saw everybody walking and waiting for a table. Our server was nice and friendly and even though we were kind of out of the way, she came by often and we didn't lack for anything.

I wouldn't call this a true BBQ, that smokes their meats. But Beachwood BBQ is pretty good. I would consider going back, if I'm in the area.