Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pete's at the Beach-Closed

Pete's at the Beach
5755 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach

The better known sports bars in Long Beach is Legend's and Smooth's. But Pete's is another sports bar that maybe not be as well known but I think is as good as the other two.

I had a half order of wings, $5.95, and a full order of chicken strips, $11.95. The wings were pretty good but weird. There were some huge sized wings and some small sized wings. But some of the wings were dry and crunchy while others were meaty but lacked a crunch. Not sure why but this was different than any other wings I've had.

The chicken strips were OK. A good crunchy outside but I thought it was too much breading. Less breading and more chicken would be good. It would also be nice if the strips were fresh and hot, they ones I got seemed as though they were sitting under heat lamps for too long.

Service was good. We didn't lack for drinks at any time. The server was nice and attentive. She also said I will be back with your chance when I paid my bil. VERY GOOD.

I think I would go back here. I saw people eating their burgers and sandwiches, which looked great. But I do think a sports bar should have good appetizers and Pete's falls short on their wings and strips.