Saturday, January 10, 2009

Morel's French Steakhouse & Bistro

Morel's French Steakhouse & Bistro
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles

I went to Morel's about two years ago, while I was at The Grove. I had never heard of it but I had a great scallops dish. When I went back again I was looking forward to having the scallops again. But I didn't see any scallops on the menu so I decide to get the grilled Atlantic Salmon, $17, which is on top of black lentils and comes with a merlot red wine reduction sauce.

This was a good dish, I wouldn't say great but good. The salmon, grilled to perfection, was light and flakey and had lots of flavor. The black lentils was a nice touch, I really liked the texture of the lentils and I think it worded well with the salmon.

Service was pretty good, though we were waiting awhile for a server to come once we were seated. Otherwise our server was attentive and helpful.

The first time I went to Morel's I didn't recall it being two different restaurants. The downstair is more of a casual, bistro type restaurant. Upstairs is the steakhouse and a bit more formal. But I have been impressed both times I've gone to Morel's. I doubt I will ever go to the steakhouse part. But at the bistro, I've had one great dish, scallops and one good dish, salmon. If I'm at The Grove I will go back here. But since The Grove is so close to the Farmer's Market, I would prefer going to the Farmer's Market before going to any restaurants in The Grove.