Tuesday, January 13, 2009


4326 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles

I came here because a group of people were meeting for $1 taco night, plus I wanted to check out the Silverlake area of LA. Well I go to the bar and they have all these nice specials. $4 well drinks, shots of tequila etc. So I get a vodka and cranberry and ordered the potato taco and the braised chicken taco. They were listed as $2 on the happy hour menu at the bar. The tacos arrive quickly and I try the potato, which has no salsa on the top in the picture. The taco is filled with a smooth, creamy potato mix and works ok with the crunch of the hard shell taco. The chicken was full of flavor, nice seasonings, and tender. I was most impressed.

I wasn't impressed when I got my bill and they added a $1 for cranberry. How stupid. I guess the way it works is that the bar area has $2 happy hour tacos. The dining and patio area have the $1 special.

Well the group had the patio reserved and I walk out there. I'm still hungry and ordered carne asada, with onions and cilantro, and carnitas tacos for $1.50 each. The carne asada was full of tender carne asada and was just full of flavor. Lots and lots of seasoning in there. A great taco and a steal at $1.50. But the carnitas was terrible. So bland, no flavor, nothing. Not worth it.

Then I got another carne asada taco and another chicken taco. Both were as good as the first ones I got.

Service on the patio was pretty good. For a group of about 40 people are orders came out fast, though it did take awhile to get our orders taken. One server for 40 people isn't ideal. Plus one bill for the entire 40 people is stupid. They should issue checks for every 4-6 people. That would make things a lot easier.

Service in the bar was pretty good. But I left my credit card to run a tab. When I went to the bartender and told her I would pay cash, she actually took my cash without telling me the total. I asked "Do you know the total?" She replied No, but I just don't want to walk back and forth to get the check. Nice service. Too lazy to walk about five feet? Maybe it's time for a new job. What if I had a $10 bill in my hand and the total came to $15? She would have to come back. Now she was nice and all. But if bartenders and servers are too lazy to walk, then they should get another job.

I would go back to Malo but as the night wore on, there was a huge line waiting to get into the dining room. So expect a wait if you come on Monday $1 taco nights.