Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jake's Roadhouse

Jake's Roadhouse
622 S. Myrtle Ave

It's been my experience that most BBQ places near the 210 are average at best. Canyon City BBQ, Gus's, Big Mama's, and The Pit are all BBQ place off the 210 freeway that I've been to and haven't been impressed at all. Add Jake's Roadhouse to that list of average BBQ place off the 210. I'm surprised I didn't find out about Jake's earlier since I've been to so many BBQ places.

I got the pork sprare ribs, $16.95, with corn on the cob and cole slaw. The ribs were not smoked, they were cooked in an oven. The ribs were a bit fatty, greasy, and lacked flavor. There were good amounts of meat on the bone but the meat was tough, not tender. The BBQ was pretty good, on the sweet side but with a bit of a kick.

Service was pretty good, though the host never greeted us. He just grabbed two menus and then told us to we could sit anywhere.

I woud not go back to Jake's. I will continue my search for good BBQ off the 210.