Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Pit-Closed

The Pit
8661 Baseline Rd
Rancho Cucamonga

In keeping with my promise to go to more restaurants in the Inland Empire, I went to The Pit BBQ, for my first review of 2009. I got the pork rib lunch, $7.99 with mac and cheese and a soda.

The ribs were big and meaty. But they lacked smoke flavor and were very fatty. I thik the ribs are cooked over wood but not smoked in the true BBQ way. The ribs overall were OK, nothing great. But the mild BBQ sauce tasted as though it was from a bottle. Very sweet and not a favorite.

The mac and cheese was pretty creamy but they put too much pepper in there.

Service was good. For the first time ever, I had BBQ served by Latinos. I guess they bought out the other owners. The Pit has been family owned and operated since 1985!!!

I would not go back to The Pit again. The ribs were too fatty and lack any smoke flavor. But I will say their prices are a good value and the portions are good.