Monday, January 19, 2009


2040 S. Brea Canyon Rd.
Diamond Bar

Misora is a fairly new sushi place in Diamond Bar. This location housed a Chinese restaurant, Shanghai Palace, but back in 2004, a fire destroyed the entire building and they finally rebuilt the building about two years later.

I got the yellowtail and seared ahi tuna sushi, $4.95 each and the spider roll, $9.95. The first thing I noticed about the sushi was how large the pieces of sushi were. Sure it cost $4.95 but just the size of the fish makes it worth the price. The yellowtail was super fresh, nice and tasty.

The ahi tuna was also so fresh, I think it was swimming in the ocean just this morning. But I didn't like how they over overloaded the ahi tuna with black pepper. The black pepper just overpowered the taste of the ahi tuna. I would order it again without any black pepper.

The spider roll was pretty good. A good sized piece but a bit deceiving since there wasn't much crab meat. The two end pieces had the soft shell crab legs but the other pieces had little crab meat. The avocado, imitation crab meat and rice was fresh. But I've had better soft shell crab rolls.

Service was below average because it was so damn slow. There was only one server for about 10-12 people. The sushi took a long time to come. She gave use a sea urchin sushi we didn't order. At times getting refills on water took a long time.

It's debatable whether I come back here. I did like the size and freshness of the sushi. But I wasn't happy with the slow service.