Friday, August 01, 2008

Gus's Barbeque

Gus's Barbeque
808 Fair Oaks Ave
South Pasadena

Why do I even bother? As readers of The New Diner know, I love BBQ ribs. I already know the best place for BBQ ribs in LA, Phillips BBQ. So why do I bother trying all other BBQ restaurants?

Gus's BBQ in South Pasadena has been around forever. But they recently changed owners and I've heard good things about them. The new owners of Gus's also own Tops, a burger place in Pasadena. I may review Tops.

I got the half rack of St. Louis spare ribs, $20.51, with doubel creamed corn. I saw them working on the ribs and they took a half rack of ribs and put it on the grill. Once I saw that I wasn't expecting much. The menu does the meats are slow smoked for over 10 hours with hickory and applewood. Well there was no smoke flavor and no smoke ring on the ribs. It was clear the ribs were cooked in an oven and just terrible. The ribs lacked flavor and were pretty tough. There is no way they were in any smoker for 10 hours.

Service was great. I was greeted as I walked in. The young lady who helped me answered all my questions and was very friendly. Though, after I ordered, they did ask if I was from next door? I said no and asked why? I guess next door they have a cigar bar and people order food from there.

I would not go back to Gus's BBQ again. The ribs are terrible and not smoked. They are just as bad as Barn Burner.