Monday, December 03, 2007

Barn Burner BBQ-Closed

Barn Burner BBQ
1000 S. Fair Oaks Ave

I've read so many things about Barn Burner Texas BBQ in Pasadena. Some sang it's praises, others thought it was among the worst BBQ around. I'll tell you where I stand later in this review. But without questions this is one of the most expensive BBQ around. Barn Burner is actually owned by the people who own the El Cholo chain of Mexican restaurants.

I took a look at their huge menu and they have Choice combos or Signature Combos. Choice Combos are where you choose between four different meats and two sides.

Signature Combos are basically racks of ribs, beef, baby backs and St. Louis style pork ribs and larger combos.

What surprised me was that they didn't list the St.Louis style pork ribs on the Choice Combo menu. If they had I would have ordered a two meat combo for $15.40. But instead I ordered the half a pound of baby backs, $12.75 and half a pound of beef ribs. $6.25.

The baby backs are terrible. They lack any smoke flavor and had lots of fat, too much for baby backs. I could have bought a rack of ribs and cooked them in the oven and done a better job.

Their only saving grace is the beef ribs. They were very meaty and tender with a nice flavor, not real smoked but a good flavor. They were among the better beef ribs I've had.

Service is good. I ordered this to go and I got service quickly.

So where do I stand on Barn Burner? For the baby back ribs, I agree it's among the worst ribs I've ever had and makes me think they should still to cooking Mexican food. But the beef ribs are not only cheaper but taste much better and are worth the $6.25 price. Like I mentioned before they are a very expensive BBQ place and the quality of BBQ you get, isn't worth the very high prices.

I want to try their St. Louis style pork ribs and see how they are. I wish they So that maybe the only reason why I go back to Barn Barner, otherwise there is no reason to go back.