Thursday, December 06, 2007


6251 E Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach

Gaslamp is a huge restaurant on PCH and Loynes in Long Beach. They have live bands most weekends. But their main draw for me was a $5 beer and burger Wednesday.

You don't have much choice, the beer is Tecate beer in a can and they burger is just half pound burger with lettuce, onions and tomato on a potato bun. Cheese is 50 cents extra and if you want fries instead of the potato chips it's $1 extra. I got cheddar cheese on my burger. The burger is huge. It reminds me of Carl's Jr $6 burgers. The meat though is very dry, they charred the hell out of my burger. The server didn't ask how I would like my burger cooked and I simply forgot. But this burger was just too well done for me. Another thing I didn't like was that the burger wasn't especially hot. It was lukewarm. They also didn't toast the bun.

The server was nice and friendly enough but she should have asked me how I would like the burger cooked. When I got there, it wasn't that crowded so she came around often to refill water and ask if I needed anything.

The regular price of a burger at Gaslamp is $11. It's not worth that price. For $5.50 a cheeseburger is a fair price. But make sure you ask how you would like to have your burger cooked.

Overall I kept getting the feeling I was eating a Carl's Jr $6 burger and why would I go out to Long Beach for that? There is nothing special about this burger but for special it's a good deal. If I was in the area I could go back to Gaslamp for their $5 beer and burger special. But I wouldn't make an extra trip out there.