Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amaranta Cocina Mexicana-Closed

Amaranta Cocina Mexicana
6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Suite 1029
Canoga Park

Billed as an authentic Mexican City Mexican food, Amaranta Cocina Mexicana is really an overpriced Mexican restaurant. The restaurant is in the Topanga Mall or whatever that damn corporate name all malls seem to use now. That should have been my clue about the food.

I ordered the carnitas with double Mexican rice, $14. The carnitas came out and they were very dry and lacked any flavor. They really need to spice their food up and not overcook the damn pork. I also thought the portions were very small for the price you pay. The Mexican rice was also bland with no flavor and was most rice. The menu says the rice has tomatoes and veggies but you had to dig around to find the tomato and corn.

Service was below average. It was a very slow night and I first went to the bar for a drink. The bartender carded me. Now I am 39 and don't look like some 20 year old. I don't get carded much at all. But for whatever reason I got carded. Now I don't really mind but I do have issues when I'm the only person being carded. She didn't card anybody else. Why was I singled out? She also was our server and she was slow as hell. Again it was a slow night. There wasn't anybody at the bar for most of the night. Four people came during out meal and they stayed for a drink and left. What the hell took her so long to take our order, get our food, clear our table and get our check. She was friendly but not a good server.

I would not go back to Amaranta Cocina Mexicana again. I can get a much better carnitas plate for about half the price, so why should I bother going out there?