Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yardhouse Long Beach

401 Shoreline Village Dr
Long Beach

Any place that has between 100-250 beers on tap is going to be my kind of place. Yardhouse is a chain restaurant that serves good food, has a ton of draft beers, and is almost always packed with people.

I have been to the Yardhouse in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Brea, Pasadena, and Long Beach. I'm reviewing their Long Beach location.

I went for their happy hour. Selected appetizers are half priced Mon-Fri from 4-6pm and then again from 10pm-midnight.

I got the blue crab cakes, $5.47, and the seared ahi sashimi, $6.32. The crab cakes came with a mango and papaya chutney, passion fruit beurre blanc and tomato oil. It would have been better with tartar sauce and more crab!! Two decent sized crabcakes came out but when I but into them, I could see it was going to be mostly fillers, breadcrumbs etc. But the little amount of crab was pretty good, I loved the crispy outside. But I thought all this other stuff was out of place. There are many foods that are perfect because they are simple. Crab cakes are one of them. Just give me some damn tartar sauce for my crab cakes. Mango and papaya chutney just do not go with the crab cakes. At $5.47 the crab cakes are a good deal. The full price, $10.95, if served in the same portions would be a bit expensive.

The seared ahi sashimi were blacked with a soy vinaigrette. This was pretty good. The ahi was very fresh, tender, and tasty. I really liked this. I thought it was a better quality ahi than the Daily Grill, and the portions were bigger.

I was at the bar and the service is good. But the Yardhouse is one of the most anal places for checking ID. I've seen men and women in their 50's being asked for ID. I understand it's a big issue but come on there are people, including me, who are and look much older than 21.

I've gone back to Yardhouse all the time. I like the food, though the prices are a bit high. I have not notice much difference in service and food quality at any of the locations I've been to.