Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daily Grill-Closed

Daily Grill
1 World Trade Ctr
Long Beach

Daily Grill is a chain that many people describe as over priced, average food. That maybe true of their dinner menu, but I went to their happy hour and I found the food to be good and the prices were great. I went to the Irivine location about four years ago and had their happy hour food. So I decided to review the Daily Grill in Long Beach. Happy Hour at this location ran from 4pm-7pm, Mon-Fri.

Chicken pot pie, $3.95. At first glance this seems huge. But really it's deceiving. The crust is nice and flakey but it's so big and huge it makes you think the chicken pot pie is huge. It's good sized, especially for $3.95. There were nice tender pieces of chicken, mostly white meat, carrots, onions, peas and mushrooms. It was a bit runny for me but overall it was good. A good deal at $3.95.

Calamari, $2,95, had a great crunch but the calamari was a bit chewy and not fresh. The tartar sauce had a spicy taste to it. I would not order the calamari again.

Popcorn shrimp, $2.95. This was a steal. Tempura battered popcorn shrimp served with a Canjun tartar sauce. I would have prefered cocktail sauce. But oh well. The shrimp were good sized for popcorn shrimp and what a great crunch. They were served hot, right out of the fryer. An steal for the quality and quanity, at $2.95.

Seared Ahi Tuna Sashimi, $3.95. This is one of the best ahi tuna sashimi I've ever had. Cooked extra rare, so fresh, and wonderful texture and flavor. The wasbi was also great, very spicy and wonderful.

Service for our large group was good. All my orders were hot and fresh. It was a bit of wait at times but when there are 25 or so people in your group, you expect to that. Our server was hard working and attentive.

I would go back to Daily Grill for their happy hour items. Many of their dinner menu items were pricey, so it owuld have to be a special occasion to go to dinner at the Daily Grill. But I would go back for Happy Hour anytime.

I did find being at the address of the Daily Grill to be unsettling. 1 World Trade Center. Hard to enjoy Happy Hour, when you know what happened to the World Trade Center in New York.