Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Open Sesame on the Corner

Open Sesame on the Corner
5201 E 2nd St.
Long Beach

If Open Sesame sounds familiar, it should. I reviewed Open Sesame a few months back. Since that time Open Sesame build a new restaurant about four stores west of their old location. They have a full kitchen and staff at the new location.

Since I have already been to Open Sesame, I knew I didn't want their more expensive entree plates. I just went with their a la carte items. I ordered the eight piece, filet mignon skewer, $14.99 on top of a side of rice, $2.49. I asked for the filet to be cooked medium rare and I got medium to medium well. That's fine. I just don't like well done beef. But it was pretty bland, not much spice or flavor at all. Filet mignon is suppose to be very tender but this filet wasn't that tender. I might be the lowest grade of filet mignon. I didn't think the portion was that big either. Not for the $14.99 price.

The basmati rice was actually pretty good, light and fluffy. But the portion was very small, especially for the $2.49 price.

Our server was pretty good. He was nice and attentive. But I do have some issues with Open Sesame's reservations and the hostess. I called twice, once to make the reservation and another time when I missed their call to confirm a reservation. Both times that I called, I was put on hold for at least five minutes!!!! What they were doing, I have no idea. I hung up both times and called back. I don't need to be on hold to make or confirm reservations. It's not that difficult. The hostess said if my entire party wasn't there on time, they would give the tables away. Well with a party of 12, we had 9 people there, 2 others who were trying to find parking (both of who came about five minutes later) and one person who was stuck in traffic. Is any business going to turn away 11 paying, hungry customers? We were seated but I just didn't like the way they handled this situation.

Open Sesame is just OK in my book. While it's the best of the three Middle Eastern Places, Magic Lamp and Sunnin, on 2nd St, that's like being the tallest midget.