Friday, July 18, 2008

Steelhead Brewing Company-Closed

Steelhead Brewing Company
4175 Campus Dr.

Steelhead Brewing Company is located across the street from Cal State Irvine. Much like JT Schmidt's is a Brewery with very average food.

I got the Grilled Ahi Sandwich, $12.95. The white stuff you see on the ahi is a spciy lemon aioli. The ahi is cooked medium and placed on a wheat bun. The ahi was overcooked, closer to medium well to well done. They dumped so much aioli on the ahi, it was impossible for the ahi to be dry. But the ahi was pretty bland and flavorless. The aoili wasn't spicy was certainly had lots of mayo. The bun and veggies were fresh. They gave you a good sized piece of thick ahi and that's the only saving thing about this sandwich.

The service was good. I went during happy hour and sat in the bar area. The server was friendly and attentive.

I would not go back to Steelhead again. While the portions are big, the food is bland and average.