Sunday, June 29, 2008


5110 E. 2nd St.
Long Beach

Sunnin is one of three Middle Eastern restuarants on 2nd St, in Long Beach.

I just ordered the kebobs a la carte, to go. Beef, $5.95 and two orders of the chicken, $5.50 each. The beef was full of flavor but a bit tough and chewy. But I thought it was very good.

The chicken, I didn't like at all. The white meat chicken was very sour, what they put it in I have no idea. But whatever it was it had a nasty, sour taste to it.

Service was OK. The hostess is a young girl, who says HI to everybody passing by Sunnin. Very nice. But she's also pretty good looking, so a lot of young guys try to hit on her. While I was waiting for my order, at least three young guys tried hitting on the hostess. But she was nice and knew she had a job to do, so she didn't let guys hitting on her distract her from doing her job.

But I had the chance to watch three guys strike out with her, because it took forever for the kebobs to cook. At least 20 minutes. I was very surprised at how long it took. Why? I have no idea. The place had a steady flow of customers but hardly packed. Maybe they were short a cook or something.

So not that I have tried all three Middle Eastern restaurants on 2nd St, which one is the best? At the bottom is Magic Lamp. Sunnin comes in second place. Open Seasame is the best.