Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olive Branch

Olive Branch
3658 Foothill Blvd
La Crescenta

Very good food and terrible service is the way to describe Olive Branch. I found Olive Branch online about four years ago and put it on my list of places to try. Well I finally went to Olive Branch and enjoyed the food but thought the service was terrible, one of the worst I've ever had.

I ordered the Tender Filet Kebab or Barg Kebab with rice, $15.95 with salad and your choice of rice, garden salad or bbq veggies. This is suppose to be filet mignon but it's either the lowest grade of filet or another cut of meat that they pound and make tender. But either way, it was fairly tender. Nothing like melt in your mouth tender. But you didn't need a knife to cut the meat. The seasonings were perfect and this is among the best barg kebab I've ever had. Almost as good as Shiraz.

What wasn't good was the service. I walk in and the hostess/server asks will there be five people? I was alone and wondered how she got that figure. I said, No just one, please. She then said another server will seat me. The other server put me at a table that was basically sectioned off, which was fine. But she just threw the menu down on the table and basically said sit there. Nice first impression. When the hostess/server came to take my order she never smiled and was just really unfriendly. After taking my order, they only came back to drop off my food and when I asked for the check. After dropping off the food, they never bothered to ask how the food was, never refilled drinks, and never smiled.

The only good thing the two server did was when taking my order, she said would you like soup or salad, which is included with your dinner!!! Not many places make it clear what is included and what costs extra.

Again, the food is great at Olive Branch. I loved the barg kebab, big portion, pretty tender and well seasoned. But the service is TERRIBLE. If I do go back to Olive Branch it will be for take out only.