Tuesday, July 01, 2008


16278 S. Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach

I went to Happy Hour at Kona. Happy Hour is from 4-7pm Tues-Fri in the bar area. I believe Kona is closed on Monday. Kona used to be Sam's Seafood but changed to Kona and they developed a Hawaiian style menu.

During Happy Hour many appetizers are $2.95 including sliders, which I ordered. Actually there are two kinds of sliders, a Hawaiian style pork slider or cheeseburgers. I got the cheeseburgers. They were very tender, moist, juicy, and had plenty of flavor. They use good quality ground beef. They also didn't drown the burger with anything. There was a small amount of A-1 steaks sauce and that's about it. No ketchup or mustard. But I liked it, just the meat and cheaddar cheese. At $2.95 this is a steal. Everybody that I talked to in my group loved the pork slider.

Service was good but like the steroid era of baseball, this deserves an *. The server was nice and friendly and worked hard filling orders. But what wasn't good was Kona's management. They had promise to extend happy hour for our group until 8pm. We had 50 people buying drinks and food. But they decided at the last minute to not extend happy hour til 8pm. No explanation, no reason. Nice to see that Kona is doing so well they can turn away 50 paying customers and that they know the meaning of customer service.

Now I would go back to Kona, if only to try the pork slider. Happy hour is a great deal and service by the cocktail waitress was good. But the way management back out of their word, just rubs me the wrong way.