Friday, June 27, 2008

Hacienda Heights Pizza Company

Hacienda Heights Pizza Company
15239 Gale Ave
City of Industry

Hacienda Heights Pizza Company is part of a chain that takes the name of the city the restauarnt is located in. Nevermind that Hacienda Heights Pizza Company, is located in Industry but you get the point.

I ordered a jumbo half pepperoni and half sausage pizza, $19.21. This pizza was huge as you can see. The sauce was one of the sweetest sauces around. Not that it's bad but I prefer a sauce that isn't that sweet. But they put a ton of cheese and toppings. I was impressed with this pizza.

Service was average to good. The young girl taking my order was just going through the motions. She wasn't nice but wasn't rude. But while waiting for my order, either the manager or the owner, and another cashier was very nice. The manager or owner checked on my order. The other cashier asked if I wanted to order. I didn't even get a hello from the cashier who took my order.

I went on a Friday night and there were a ton of families and kids having dinner. So it was loud and pretty busy.

Is Hacienda Heights Pizza Company better than World's Best Pizza? Both are top notch pizza. Both have good prices. So I would say it's a tie. But Hacienda Heights Pizza Company is actually open for lunch during the week, where World's Best only opens at 4 during the week.

I would come back to Hacienda Heights Pizza Company. The pizza is fresh, full of toppings and well worth the price.