Sunday, June 08, 2008

World's Best Pizza

World's Best Pizza
3142 Colima Rd
Hacienda Heights

When you have a name like World's Best Pizza, the pizza better be damn good or the owner is one arrogant bastard. For the sake of World's Best Pizza the pizza is good.

I got a medium Canadian bacon for $14.06. The crust was cooked just right, a big crispy at the top and towards the middle soft and chewy. They put a ton of cheese and it melted nicely over the pizza. There were good amount of Canadian bacon on the pizza. What was interesting is that I saw huge cans of pizza sauce stored by the front counter. I thought the sauce was pretty good, nothing great but good enough. But I would have never guessed it was from a can. I saw the can, it wasn't tomato paste, it was pizza sauce.

I found out about World'S Pizza through and one reviewer said watch out for the Pizza Nazi. I never saw him. A younger kid helped me and he was OK. Not the friendliest but not rude or a punk. More a matter of fact.

This is a take out place. There are some table in front of the store but take it home and enjoy.

Even though the pizza sauce was from a can, I would go back to World's Best Pizza. I liked their pizza.